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Nintendo Switch : Mario vs. Donkey Kong™

Nintendo Switch : Mario vs. Donkey Kong™

February 27, 2024
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Donkey Kong has stolen the Mini-Marios! Solve platforming puzzles to get them back

Run, jump, and backflip your way to rescuing the stolen Mini-Mario toys in this puzzling twist on Mario action. Obstacles like spikes, moving platforms, and falling bricks stand in your way—put your brain to work and figure out the best way to reach the Mini-Marios! You’ll have to master Color Switches, Warp Boxes, and more as the difficulty ramps up across more than 130 levels, including challenging Plus and Expert levels.

Tailor the challenge to your playstyle or bring a friend along in local multiplayer!

Seeking a laid-back experience? The newly-added Casual Style removes time limits and adds checkpoints so you can relax and think. Looking for a tough puzzle-platforming challenge? Classic Style has got you covered with the timed levels and one-hit defeats of the original Game Boy™ Advance game. But that’s not all—you can bring a friend along in the newly-added Two-Player Mode, which adds an extra objective for Mario and Toad to take on together!



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